Monday, September 3, 2007

eBay Tries Behavioral Targeting

This is an article about eBay's AdChoice deploying behavioral targeting while respecting privacy, maintaining transparency and using opt-out marketing. This could be a case study on how to use behavioral targeting.

MediaPost Publications - EBay's AdChoice Seeks Next Step In BT Privacy - 08/31/2007 - read article

From the article:
THE WORLD'S BIGGEST ONLINE AUCTION house knows a lot about its users' bidding, browsing and buying habits, and now eBay is leveraging this knowledge in behavioral ad targeting both on and off the site. In addition to serving ads to active buyers within eBay, the company buys inventory elsewhere. EBay recently started testing a retargeting program on AOL, MSN, RightMedia and others that use a member's on-site history to target relevant ads by its many Power Sellers.

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