Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where the Boys Are . . .

Marketers would love to find the places where they may reach 18-34 year old men. This is an elusive demographic that comprises 27 percent of total male Internet users; 23.1 million US men age 18 to 34 use the Internet.

Where Can You Find Guys Online? - eMarketer - link to complete article

From the article:
Men are more likely than women to use the Internet as a destination for recreation . . . more likely to gather material for their hobbies, read online for pleasure, take informal classes, participate in sports fantasy leagues, download music and videos, remix files and listen to radio. Men are more interested than women in technology, and they are also more tech savvy.

Does anyone have a problem with the quote above?

Share your thoughts about women being less tech savvy than men.


PogiChinoy said...

I do agree that technology is more widely popular by males than females but this is only due to predominately males starting the internet and technology craze in the 80s.

If women a greater hand in building the Internet interest as well as tech toys, then there would be more interest by female consumers.

CyberCelt said...

@pogichinoy-Oh, you are so logical. I wanted ranting and raving. LOL


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