Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Facebook Needs to Face Facts

Click to read MediaPost Publications - Just An Online Minute... Facebook's 'Fix' Really Isn't - 11/27/2007

From the article:
The problem was that users didn't see and/or understand the opt-out notices. And, really, they didn't have much opportunity to do so, given that some point-of- purchase notices were served via vanishing pop-ups that were available for only 20 seconds.
If Facebook wants to change things, they will pay heed to the 25,000+ members who have signed the "Petition: Facebook, stop invading my privacy!" by and stop notifying your friends about your purchases.

1 comment:

Andy said...

Well i have been using facebook for a few years. And the pop ups only got bad recently. And its kind of frustrating because this is the exact reason why i left myspace, because of there spam and pop ups. So im hoping there going to fix it soon, well thats what there newsletter from the support group said.


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