Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stop Uncommon Uses of Your Content

For those bloggers who are tired of seeing their content on other blogs without attribution, please read the following article for help.

Click to read The 6 Steps to Stop Content Theft : The Blog Herald

From the article:
If you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the process and technology, you can become a champion plagiarism fighter in short order and get back to the business of running your site before you realize how effective you’ve become.
One easy way to determine if someone is scraping your site is to check your Feedburner Stats. Select the feed you wish to view. Under VIEW is the link for Uncommon Uses.
uncommon uses screenshotClick Uncommon Uses (it is a hyperlink) to view the list of uncommon uses. If you see an web site under Referrers that you do not recognize, click it and view the site. If you approve of the use, just check the box next to the referrer and next time you will realize that you have already checked the web site.

uncommon uses screenshotIf you do not approve the use, you may take steps as outline in the article above.

I must admit that it is sometimes more trouble to try and get the website to stop it than it is just to ignore it. It is your choice. After all, it is your content.

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