Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lost Page Rank and Other Things

CoolAdzine for Marketers will be undergoing changes over the next week. A few days ago, I realized that this blog had lost all page rank. It had been ranked PR4 for ages, but now it is PR0.
This is disheartening because I have always been transparent with my blogging. I follow the blogging ethics of WOMMA. I disclose all sponsored reviews and do not recommend something I do not or would not use.

I used the Bad Neighborhood Text Link Tool to find out what might possibly be dragging my page rank down. I had linked to other bloggers and sites who had linked to sites that may be considered to be in bad neighborhoods. Many of the bad neighborhoods were links to Blogger!

Moderating comments has become a quality checkpoint, with most comments NOT passing. This breaks my heart because I am a Do Follow Blogger. However, as an early adopter of do follow, this blog has become a target for every scam site on the Internet.

Also, I have started to add rel="nofollow" to most of the URLs on my blog. I had no idea that I was passing my page rank to other sites.

I also noticed that Blogger has started linking to profiles instead of blogs again. There used to be an option to check "other" and put your blog URL in the comment. Now, unless you do the whole a href process, you will not receive a link back.

I will be moving from Blogger after the holidays.

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Snoskred said...

Unfortunately Cybercelt, your loss of page rank is probably not about any of those things.

Your loss of page rank is likely to be due to having done paid posts in the past.

I also lost mine, as did many other bloggers. I'm surprised that you hadn't heard about it?

Might be an idea to check out this post -

Selling links that pass PageRank



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