Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There Goes Another TV Season

The LA Times newspaper reported that Twentieth Century Fox Television, CBS Paramount Network Television, NBC Universal and Warner Bros. Television have all terminated development and production agreements with the striking writers.

By eliminating the deals now, the studios will no longer be obligated to pay the writers even if the strike ends in the next month or two. Well, it look like another season of MORE reality shows and reruns and less new content. Television as media may be hurt by this as more people rent movies and games, or watch Internet television instead of TV.

I feel for the writers who lost their jobs from this strike. Going for months without a paycheck is extremely difficult, especially if the strike spans the holidays.


Elizabeth said...

I feel bad for the writers, I feel bad for the actors like my stepbrother who has no work coming in, but I also feel bad for me. No "Lost"? No "24"? More crap like "Dancing with Bruno and Carrie Ann"? Thank goodness for PBS and the History Channel!

CyberCelt said...

@elizabeth-just what we needed was MORE REALITY!! I may have to give up TV.


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