Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mark Flavin : Internet Marketing Blog

I visited Mark Flavin's Internet Marketing Blog and happen to read his post about viral traffic, entitled, 7 Ways To Get Repeat Traffic to Your Blog or Website.

This article details seven common sense tips that will work for any blogger or webmaster. Keep your content updated; build your list by offering opt-in newsletter or a free download; place the subscription mechanism for your feed prominently on your blog; use and share video content with your visitors; interact with your visitors through comments, social networking and forums; make it easy for people to add your site to their social network;
and, write interesting and helpful content.

There are other helpful posts on article marketing and attracting new visitors. You should visit and see if Mark has something you can use. Visit the forum, download free reports, and join Mark's MyBlogLog community.

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mark said...

I took a look around at this site and there was a lot of cool stuff... Thanks for the resource!!


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