Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clickbooth has New Blog and Twitter Page

Did you know that Clickbooth, the fastest-growing affiliate program on the Internet has a new blog and a page on Twitter? I was reading on their website about how to make money with Clickbooth and was amazed at their professional approach to advertising and affiliate marketing.

For instance, bloggers and webmasters have access to custom rotators to deliver the advertising that you select that will appeal to the visitors of your site and result in higher conversions for the advertiser. You may request custom banners that will fit your blog sidebar or to use in email marketing and Clickbooth will provide them and Clickbooth offers optimized flash creatives for all the top campaigns. Run your campaigns for advertisers and make more money.

For advertisers, Clickbooth offers high quality, high volume traffic from many exclusive publishers. Clickbooth provides full campaign management (24/7) and guarantees conversions for a higher return on investment (ROI).

Now, Clickbooth goes on step further by providing affiliates with a blog and a Twitter page so that they may view the latest information and interact with Clickbooth management. I think this is a nice touch. Instead of having to login to receive the most current information and opportunities, publishers may subscribe to the blog.

Click Book Blog
Reading the blog, I discovered that Clickbooth held an affiliate mastery webinar this week for all their affiliate marketers.

Publishers may also follow Clickbooth on Twitter.

Click Booth TwitterThe Twitter page is even more up to date than the blog. By following, I learned of a hot new opportunity that I might have missed otherwise.

Clickbook is doing advertising and affiliate marketing right. Visit the website, blog or Twitter page today!

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