Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dallas Cowboys Move to New Stadium!

The Dallas Cowboys will play their last game at Texas Stadium on December 20, 2008. The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, as yet unnamed, will be completed in 2009.

The new sports and entertainment venue will be located in Arlington, Texas. The 2.3 million square-foot complex will have an approximate capacity for 80,000 fans and the flexibility to accommodate up to 100,000 fans.

The new stadium boasts the most spectacular column-free room in the world, stretching a quarter-mile in length. The stadium will measure twice as long as the famed St. Louis Gateway Arch and the Statue of Liberty can stand completely inside the domed structure.

It will contain the largest centrally hung video board on Earth; 9,000 square feet of video display, with a 2,241 inch diagonal.

The Super Bowl XLV in 2011 will be played in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, so if you wish to attend, you may want to secure your Dallas Cowboys Tickets as soon as they go on sale.

I am not a super fan, but I will want to see this marvel of architectural engineering, the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.


Bhuck George said...

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CyberCelt said...

@Bhuck-I will let the link stay as it is pertinent. I cannot wait to see the new stadium. It looks like something out of a sci fi movie.


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