Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ethics, Grace and Greed in the 21st Centrury

The Good Person Guidebook ~ Transforming your Personal Life by Richard Bayer, Ph.D. (2008, 5 o'clock Books) intrigued me from the first.

As the economy worsens and more of us struggle financially, we start to reflect on what matters truly in life.

Dr. Bayer suggests that a sea change will come upon us as a nation as we begin to learn to trust, love, and express our gratitude for that with which we have been blessed.

Some ways to initiate the change:
  1. Learn what love really means and practice it..
  2. Always treat coworkers, family, friends and all others with divinity and respect.
  3. Stop squashing your hopes and the hopes of others. Become a mentor instead.
  4. Be thrifty and generous. Not wasteful but in a giving loving way.
  5. Awaken your gratitude. List your blessings, write them down, post them. . . .
  6. Make sure you are really working toward your goals. If not, you are wasting your time.


Kostadinova said...

Thank you for this post. Everyone faces financial crisis in their lives and starts to hate others. These points sounds good and I am going to try them.

CyberCelt said...

@kosta-the book is even better. You may buy it on Amazon, I am sure.


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