Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kristen Johnston Poses Nude for PETA

Photograph from PETA

Kristen Johnston poses as Lady Godiva to bring attention to the cruelty of horse-drawn carriages. For the full story, please read about this important issue: PETA // The Cruelty of Horse Drawn Carriages

There seems to be no end to young women that will bare all for PETA. It if it tastefully done, works as an advertising medium and raises awareness of animal cruelty, I have no problem with it. On the other hand, I find the hundreds of commercials for Girls Gone Wild and multiple products male enhancement that take over the airwaves after 11 pm much more offensive.

What is your opinion on using nudity to advertise? Does it matter if it is tastefully done? Does it make a difference if the ad is for a worthy cause rather than a product?


Gini said...

I think that nudity, if it is as tastefully done as in this example, is perfectly appropriate in cases like this. While it's difficult to draw an exact line between what is and what is not apporpriate, nudity can be truly beautiful. So why not use this beauty in advertising?

Regina Dunn
Gini’s Magic

john said...

i love the picture you have given ... that is awesome .......

sven said...

Have you seen their new "sea kittens game? You create a warm and fuzzy looking fish... it's disturbing. Are fish really as smart as kittens?

Serbian finder said...

PETA has been actively getting the new models to attract the audiences so that no more animal cruelty occurs in the society.. For last few months the models like Kristen are also willing to do any kind of pose, photo shoot, video, etc. for these events..This way they get double advantage ..one for their career and the next is they are getting free publicity...

Sports News said...

Never saw such horse drawn carriages ever before :)



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