Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Participative Government in the Making

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President-elect Obama has charged his appointee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Senator Tom Daschle, with determining how Americans feel about health care reform. This is something the USA has been lacking for the past eight years--participative government.

Please take a moment to complete a short survey on the AARP website. If you have a personal story about health care, share it. The results of the survey and the comments will be shared with Senator Daschle and, ultimately, President Obama.

Please share your experiences with the health care system, with securing health care for the self-employed, with having problems being referred to a specialist, with trying to find a physician in a specific area from a very limited list of providers.

Parents may want to share how hard it is to find health care without insurance, waiting five hours in line with your child at the health department to get immunizations, being treated at the emergency room without health insurance, being haunted by collection agencies for past due health bills.

Seniors should share about having to choose between filling prescriptions or buying food, losing homes due to long-term health care bills, being victimized by prescription card providers, and feeling like a burden to the family instead of an honored elder.

President Obama is becoming captain of a sinking ship. Help him prioritize the life-saving measures to keep it afloat. Take five minutes to help change the state of health care in the USA.

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