Friday, January 2, 2009

Virtuality Adds New Dimension to Multimedia

Richter Studios for Nielsen Answers
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As someone who remembers programming with punch cards, computers without Windows and hand coding HTML, there is a brave new world on the web today. Forget web 1.0 and web 2.0, we are now experiencing the growing pains of the birth of web 3.0.

How can a company or a brand prepare for an ever-evolving web? Step into the future with the help of professionals, like Richter Studios and their Web, Interactive and Video Production Service. In the decade since Richter Studios' inception, the team has been involved in the evolution of digital technology. With over 250 video projects completed, Richter Studios remains on the leading edge of innovation in multimedia.

Richter Studios believes in an all-digital workflow. The video is recorded by high-definition digital cameras in the 1080P format directly from an infinity background (green or blue screen) to a hard drive.

Of course, Richter Studios has shot video on location, such as Venice, Rome, London and Paris, and from extreme aerial positions, such as 60-story-high construction cranes, helicopters and skyscrapers.

Once the video is captured, the designers, animators, editors and programmers go to work on MAC desktops or multi-touch tablets. There they apply the illustrations, animations, virtual backgrounds and special effects to create the final product.

Virtuality adds a new dimension to multimedia and Richter Studios is your guide to web 3.0. Enjoy the ride!


Lance | Johnson said...

Interesting. I wonder how this movement will affect the bottom line of companies in the future. Will it increase conversions? I can imagine though that it could be quite helpful viral marketing-wise.

CyberCelt said...

@lance/johnson-I think the technology is cool. You take a seamless white background and you can make it appear as if you are anywhere. Saves fuel, for sure.


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