Monday, January 24, 2011

Green Peeks Out in Some Millenial Women

Millenial Women

Consumer Interest in Sustainability Remains Consistent Through Downturn : Capstrat
  • Nineteen percent of Millennials are willing to pay significantly more for a green products and services.

  • Contrast this with four percent for ages 30-45, seven percent for ages 46-65 and five percent among those older than 65.

  • Fifty-two percent of men are less likely to pay more for green product. Thirty-two percent of women are green leaning.

  • Democrats are twice as green. Environmental friendliness is more important to Democrats, with eleven percent of respondents identifying themselves as Democrats called sustainability the most important factor in purchasing decisions. On the other hand, only four percent of Republicans feel the same way
According to the study referenced above, Democratic women Millennials are the new green leaders. In the article above, the Millennial generation is considered to be anyone under thirty years old.

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Myra said...

Hi Ken Eudy,

Your survey report is very rare of its kind as the percentage of different categories is quite different, but it is good to hear that youth's contribution and knowledge on the issue is very submissive.

Myra from table basse en verre ronde


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