Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Garbage In/Garbage Out

I was catching up with reading of blogs and saw a few items I found interesting that I wanted to share.

I moderate all comments left on my blogs. It is time consuming, but I have always moderated rather than put commenters through completing captchas or registering at each blog. Over the years, I have noticed an increase in the number of SPAM sites and blogs.

These SPAM sites and blogs are usually about one topic, which is in the name of site and in every post or article. I often wondered whether these webmasters were really interested in those topics or if they just put up these sites so they could sell advertising, usually Google Adwords.

Study Confirms Issue with Search Results Quality | ineedhits

Evidently, Google search engine results pages are full of these SPAM blogs and sites it has been brought to the attention of Google.
Google has been thinking for quite some time about how to deal with content that isn’t obvious spam but is clearly not designed with the best interests of the user in mind. Google needs to be open to ways where we can improve.
Top Trends of 2010: Content Farms-ReadWriteWeb

However, before going after SPAM sites, Google is going after content sites, like Demand Studios, Associated Content and SEED (new from AOL). These sites publish thousands of articles each week and have flooded the Internet and have gained an advantage in search engine results.
The company operates based on a simple formula: create a ton of niche, mostly uninspired content targeted to search engines, then make it viral through social software and make lots of money through ads.
Now, there is a video content farm, called Howcast. Short, how-to videos on how to keep lipstick off your teeth, how to take baby pictures and other exciting topics.

I think I need to retire--the Internet is starting to resemble politics. Everyone making money by offering nothing of valuable.

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