Sunday, May 15, 2011

International Day of Compassion : Patch Adams, M.D.

Today is the International Day of Compassion in honor of Patch Adams, M.D.  This man travels the globe 300 days a year in order to help those who need healing. He has visited over 70 countries and takes his Clown Patrols to active war zones such as Kabul, Afghanistan.  Dr. Adams has a dream of building a hospital that has compassion for each soul that enters those doors.

Patch Adams is best known for his work as a medical doctor and a clown, and he is also a social activist who has devoted 40 years to changing America's health care system. He believes that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process.

From his blog post
Given how easy it is to connect with people all over the world, it is amazing that anyone is lonely. Hey, be friendly! There are 7 billion people. Friendly is easy. Put a twinkle in your eye, a smile on you face and greet people. Engage others. Have interests. Be playful. Sure, if you’re starting out, there are awkward moments, also called teaching moments. I’ve played in 70 countries and everywhere people love friendly. Over time I found out that adding clown clothes and being goofy made everything easier. Anyone can choose to be friendly! Remember, a smile and a twinkle. You can stop Lonely! Be friendly!
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bristol plasterer said...

Wow what a true legend and bloke, shame more of us can't be more compassionate like this


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