Saturday, May 14, 2011

Legal Stuff

I am still in Houston and will begin treatment next month. I will try to keep up with all my blogs, but I will be using guest posts to keep my blog current.

Guest post by Nora Howe:

I'm a lawyer so it's really important for me to maintain constant contact with my clients so they feel safe and secure working with me. I recently signed up for Mobile Broadband 4Gto make sure I always have Internet access, even when I am in my car or on a job meeting with a client. It's actually been working out really well for me so far, and I think my clients are really impressed with how well I'm able to respond to their questions and concerns by e-mail. Working with a smart phone really limits how effectively I'm able to communicate my message, so having a full laptop at my disposal is much better for my line of work. Especially since many times, I need to e-mail documents or PDF contracts to clients and can't do that using a phone. I've made several upgrades to my practice in the last year, but getting wireless Internet is definitely one of the smartest decisions I've made yet. Hopefully my clients will continue to acknowledge how much I put into this firm.

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

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jennylyn said...

I guess that having all those internet access is really that important. I think that you really need it with your profession as a lawyer. So much of those documents should be accommodated on your behalf.

Jennylyn from support TV mural 


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