Saturday, June 30, 2012 needs help with reputation

I happened to open an email from  It was an explanation, of sorts, of the services provided to people whom sign up and fill out the form.  Supposedly, a free synopsis of my  online "reputation," would be forthcoming.  I visited the website, filled out the form and waited for my summary. Imagine my surprise when I see personal profiles and Google results populate the screen.

Next, I received an on screen notice that the "process" takes a long time and I would receive my "reputation report" via email.  Well, I did receive an email and I visited to view my report. There was no report.  There was a three-panel advertisement showing what I could have if I would upgrade.

I wrote off my lists of honest websites and thought no more about their duplicity in advertising.  Then, I received a call from a sales rep from asking me how I liked the service.  I asked, "Do you mean the service that was supposed to send me a reputation report? The service that did not profile the report, but directed me to all the services available IF I upgraded?  The salesman said, "Oh, the report is not much, it is just information from profiles and Google search engine results."

I told the salesman that I believed in transparency and honesty in advertising and I did not feel was either in its advertising.  I continued with the fact that I expected a profile, one that was generated after supposedly explored 1000s of websites on my behalf,

The salesman said, "I can give you a profile, but its very general.  You know, what is shown in search results and public profiles."  I declined and again made a pitch about honesty and transparency and advertising.  The salesman said he would pass it on and gave me his phone number if I needed help with the site.

The salesman did not GET IT.  I was not visiting the site again.  The website promises one thing and delivers nothing.  So, if your online reputation could use a little cleaning up, change your profiles and check the search engine results for your name and user name.  Do not bother with as they need help with their image.

Remember to keep advertising honest and provide what you say you give.  If you promise, e-books, provide downlink.  If you promise a summary, provide as best a product as you have. Get rid of the "This is my final offer," "Today only" popup riddled sales page and write a succinct summary of services provided.  You will be glad you did and your reputation will be enhanced.

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This is called Marketing strategy.

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