Friday, April 8, 2005

New Tool for Internet Promotion

I discovered searchEstate today! It involves a new concept in Internet promotion that allows you to claim "real estate" on other people's web sites. Did I mention it is free?

searchEstate is a world-class Internet search engine that shares its advertising revenues and ad space-- the banners, click-through ads and sponsored keyword search results--with its members

If you do not have a website, join searchEstate. You will be provided a site that you may customize with your opportunities. See this one I setup to see if I could follow the directions ;-)

If you enter a search term (top right), you will see my personalized searchEstate portal page. It is also FREE!

All members have their own personalized version of the search engine, complete with logo, banner ad space and text ads. The text ads from the other members also rotate in via the ad exchange network.

If you are a webmaster and can put some HTML for a search box on your site, then you are richly rewarded. searchEstate will list your website with 5 Internet directories that will LINK BACK to your website. This is so cool!

Well, it is a bit of work to customize, submit, post HTML, and send your information to them for the directory listings -- but it will be well worth your time.

Check it out:

Very rarely is there something NEW on the Internet. This is new and exciting. Enough that it made this jaded marketer take notice!! icon_mrgreen

Eileen Trainor
aka CyberCelt

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