Friday, August 5, 2005

Do You Have a Way With Words?

We all have to write copy. Here is a short process you may use to write your next article, web content or manuscript.

Focus on your purpose - what are you doing? Do you want to sell something or just get the person to clickthrough to another website?

Organize important message and supporting details - what benefits await the reader who completes the required action (your purpose)?

Improve the flow of ideas - read it aloud, let your friends look over your copy, run it through a spell checker and grammar checker.

Persuade your readers - did something work for you? A testimonial from you is the most persuasive tool to use. Being "excited" about a product does not make it work.

Weed out extraneous words - action words usually make people take action. Everything else is fluff.

Energize your copy - not with !!! and CAPS, but with your motivation. Even on paper, enthusiasm comes through to your reader.

Achieve the proper tone - your readers should be impressed by your grasp of key concepts, but not overwhelmed with your hyperbole (better known as BS).

Improve the format and structure to intensify your presentation - experiment with layout, white space, size and positioning of graphics, if possible.

Reach your target audience with impact - say it with style... YOUR style! Highlight what you think is important, lead the reader down the page to the final action-producing button.

Track your advertising and all changes in ad copy or style.

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