Thursday, August 17, 2006

Support New Orleans Musicians and Music

Southern Comfort Musicians Fund

While Hurricane Katrina may have devastated the streets, homes and businesses of New Orleans, the storm did not even dent the soul of New Orleans--the music.

New Orleans is the birthplace of Southern Comfort, so they want to help musicians get on their feet and on with their music. To this end, they hired an ad agency to launch Start The Music Up.

Please visit the SoCo Music Fund site and view the short films that reveal the personal stories of survival and highlight the music of many unique musicians that call New Orleans home. One such band is Cowboy Mouth, and their story and their performance will pluck your heart and strum your soul.
The marching bands will roll
I found the city in my soul
Because I plan on growing old
... on the avenue

The parades will ride again
I'll see my family and friends
Because this will not be the end
... of the avenue
After viewing the stories and listening to the music, donate to the SocCo Music Fund. I have always heard that artists must suffer to create; perhaps this is why there is extraordinary music coming from the Big Easy. Help keep the music playing ...

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