Friday, October 13, 2006

Cool Blog : Pictures From My World

Bozette the Clown
Pictures From My World

Please visit the Cool Blog of the Week: Pictures From My World. Bozette, the nickname this blogger has selected for herself, is a derivative of Bozo (as in Bozo the clown). Bozette is a clown and loves it. She dresses up in full costume and brings joy to others. It is a gift.

inky cap mushroom
Bozette also has a gift for photography. She takes pictures of flowers, mushrooms, road signs, loved ones or friends and then writes a brief description that takes you into her life, the world of Bozette. It is a good world. Please visit my guest. Tell her CyberCelt sent you.


bozette said...

I love it Thank You.

Mushy said...

How wonderful for you to visit and tell me about your husband. Thanks.

I'm also pleased to find out more about Bozoette! Interesting - that one!

I'll be back.


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