Saturday, October 14, 2006

Compulsive Planning Disorder

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At one time I was a person who planned their life to the nth degree. I had a Franklin planner full of tasks and to-do lists for the next day and week. I set 6-month, 3 year and 10 year goals to ensure I was fulfilling all the emotional, spiritual, family and job related facets of my life.

Then I stopped planning. After I gave birth and while raising my son as a single parent, I had no aspirations for myself other than to raise him to be a good man. Well, he is almost 17 and will be leaving within the year to begin his life. In celebration of being able to put a big checkmark by the task . . .checkmark

Be a Good Mom

. . and in anticipation of my life to come, I will set some resolutions for the next year.

In 2007, I resolve to:
  • become debt free
  • learn Spanish
  • visit my friends in Costa Rica
Okay. there are my resolutions, my to-do list, if you will. Which, I might mention, will become a big ball and chain over the next year. A to-do list means I will have to do all these things because I have CPD (compulsive planning disorder).

OMG! This list will reside here from now until eternity . . . taunting me . . . mocking me . . . crying out for that big blue checkmark! *sob*

* sniff * I hope you are all happy now . . .

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Karmyn R said...

Oh no - no pressure! I won't tell you what my Resolution was in 2006 because I failed so miserably at it. (but, life gets in the way sometimes.)

Visiting from the Carnival....

Janet said...

New Years Resolutions? Good grief! I'm still reeling that it IS 2006, much less thinking about 2007!:)


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