Monday, February 12, 2007

Behavioral Targeting Segmentation

From Targeting And Life Stages, Behavioral Insider (2/7/07 by

Until now, behavioral targeting (BT) has been used as a targeting tool to determine what viewers are looking for and to serve the relevant content across ad networks. Now it is time for BT to be used to develop segmentation based on where viewers are in their life cycle, to delve into behavioral motivations and relationships that may provide important clues.

According to
Susie Kang, senior vice president of, marketers need to move toward:
truly customized granular targeting involves going deeper, learning new ways of asking and answering the question of why and how specific consumer segments differ in their search behavior. . .
If you use publicly available data and research in addition to your statistical analysis of your data, you will be able to target and refine your targeting. Ms. Kang discusses using NielsenNetRatings and directory data:
We have over 15 million business search categories, so we have a huge aggregate of vertical search data. What we’ve done is run that data against the Nielsen profiles and grouped them into separate categories. And indeed there are powerful correlations.
Behavioral ads cost more than run-of-network advertising, so many marketers feel that behavioral targeting is expensive. However, the more closely you can segment specific behavioral patterns by demographic, the more effective your marketing will be and you will actually start to save money and increase conversion.


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