Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Diva's Dreams are About Belisi

The term Diva originally described a woman of rare and outstanding talent, such as an opera singer. Diva is derived of the Italian word for goddess. Goddess derives from the feminine form of the Latin word divus, which means divine one. The term is occasionally misused, implying that a star, or diva, is difficult to work with, high strung and spoiled.

The blog of Diva’s Dreams is for the 21st century diva: busy, independent and talented women who want to keep up with changing fashion trends and other happenings on several important avenues--from clothes to home d├ęcor to etiquette to interior design, to food and wine, to entertaining.

I read the blog post on Diva's Dreams entitled Belisi: luxe handbags at the Gap? with great interest. I remember when The Gap was the height of fashion. It was a much simpler world then. Evidently The Gap is trying to reinvent itself as a store that is "much more than jeans." While there still are jeans in every shape and form at The Gap, they have started to branch out into designer bags and other Haute Coterie items that will attract the eye of any self-respecting diva.

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