Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play, and Learn

I just reconfigured the wireless network in my home. I have a DSL modem connected via Ethernet to a desktop computer. Which is, in turn, connected to the router and Internet access point. My laptop that I use for business has a wireless network card, we purchased a wireless card for my son's gaming computer, and my husband has another laptop.

In the business climate of today, you must be able to support anywhere, anytime connectivity. I have not had any trouble with connectivity issues, whether at home or on the road. No matter where we travel, there is usually a wifi access point, either at the RV park, state park or through a local area network (LAN).

In Texas, they have wifi access at most of the rest stops. Austin, Texas is currently working on putting up a wifi cloud, like they have in San Francisco. Soon there will be a data centre at most small and large businesses. A data centre network provides the skeleton on which your business hangs. If you need to learn about data centres, visit the Cisco Data Centre Network Architecture page for more information.

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