Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reporters Without Borders Update

Reporters Without Borders (Reportrers sans frontieres) describes the dangers journalists have faced in Iraq since the start of the war, which, by the way, is the bloodiest war for media casualties since World War II. At least 148 journalists and media assistants have been killed since March 2003 while doing their job. Two other journalists are still missing.

148 Reporters Killed in IraqAt the Rate They are Killing Journalists in Iraq
You'll Soon Have to Go There and Get the News Yourself

Who were these men and women journalists killed for doing their job? How were they killed or kidnapped, and by whom? [Read complete article on the RSF website].

There are instigators and powerful people behind press freedom violations whose responsibility is not always apparent, like Abdallah Ibn al-Saud, King of Saudi Arabia. For more information on these predators, please see the complete list of enemies of freedom of the press here.

Press freedom barometer 2005

8 4 139 4 60
Media assistants killed Journalists imprisoned Media assistants imprisoned Cyberdissidents imprisoned

The work that is carried out by Reporters Without Borders is important. All over the world, journalists and reporters risk everything to get the truth out to the rest of the global community.

Visit today and see what is up in your part of the world.
You may be surprised.

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