Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Flash Player Offers Free Bandwidth

The widget is a free flash player that will stream media, like podcasts, music, photos, video and any other type of file. offers unlimited bandwidth with this widget and they will host up to 1 Gbytge of your content for free.

It is so easy to make your own widget box. Select three files to upload and create a Widget account, hit upload, and you will receive the code to place a box, like the one below, on your blog or website. Once you have placed the code on your site, you may add more files to the widget.

Get your own widget and share anywhere!

This is a great service that is offered free. Visit, sponsor of this post, and start streaming your content on your site. I see this as a great tool for bands and solo artists to stream their music. I am going to use it on my new blog, Endangered Spaces.

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