Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Outpost Earth is a dynamic blog directory

Outpost Earth is a blog directory with a difference. Outpost-Earth.com is a worldwide network of blogs, organized by location and topic. The purpose of Outpost Earth is to promote your blog, hopefully generating new readers and creating a buzz about your blog. Blogs may be listed by location, topic or both. You may also drill down to your local area, such as city.

It is very easy to join, and only takes about 5 minutes to add your blog to Outpost Earth. You enter a username, password, email address, upload an avatar and specify the atom or RSS feed for your blog. Whenever you update your blog, it will be featured on the front page within one hour, without pinging!

Many blog directories list your site in an assigned category and there it stays unless someone browses the category or searches on one of your tags. Your blog appears on the Outpost Earth home page and at each location or topic Outpost for which it is registered. If you cannot find an outpost (topic/category) that fits your blog, you may add one!

Outpost Earth, sponsor of this post, is completely free to join. Visit today.



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