Tuesday, March 6, 2007

AT&T, Apple and iPhone

What is the deal? First AT&T became Cingular, now Cingular is becoming AT&T again. I have been trying to determine what exactly happened with AT&T. As far as I can trace it, BellSouth combined with SBC to form Cingular. At the same time, SBC purchased AT&T and took the name, AT&T. Then, AT&T acquired BellSouth and changed the name, Cingular Wireless, to AT&T. I think.

It is funny to a person who grew up with one telephone company to keep track of all the mergers and buyouts. When I was young and first became aware of the telephone, it had a rotary dial and our telephone number began with an exchange (a prefix of two letters). Ours was UNderwood-xxxxx. There was also only one telephone company in Texas, and that was Southwestern Bell. Come to think about it, there were Bells all over the country. This constituted a monopoly, so the FCC made them disassemble. I guess.

Well, it looks like AT&T may be one entity named Cingular / AT&T. There has been talk about plans for AT&T to introduce the iPhone from Apple as their first brand under the new AT&T, yet Cingular is the only provider of record for the iPhone. Maybe it is just me; but it appears that waiting until the iPhone was available would have been the better time to launch the new AT&T. They could have done a visual with AT&T and Apple, with the A morphing into each word.

Apple made computing easy, I truly believe that using an iPhone is going to be intuitive and easy. The iPhone is a small and lightweight handheld device, which combines cell phone, widescreen iPod and Internet communication (email, web browser, maps, and search). iPhone comes with a new user interface with touch controls and software that allows you to control everything with just your fingers. Any fingers!

I have a problem using my cell phone because my eyesight is not all it should be. I really want an iPhone. I just hope that AT&T does not change their name again before it ships. LOL

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