Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Build your business with professional video brochure

Are you looking for a cost-effective method to build your small online business using YouTube, MySpace, or Google Video? Would a professional movie brochure about your business or service fit your marketing plan? Have you considered the impact of a professional movie in mp4 format that would be available for viewing on your website or downloading to a video player like the iPod?

Video brochures for historic sites, golf courses, RV parks ...

You could engage Marketing Small Business to create a mp4 video brochure or movie for your small business. This movie, or video presentation, will showcase your products or introduce your service to the online community. Imagine your customers viewing your best presentation via your website or downloading it for sharing with other members of their community. Feel the pride knowing that your business is putting its best virtual foot forward.

Marketing Small Business agency provides most standard marketing services, as well as the more unique movie marketing service. The agency team includes marketing planning experts, search engine marketing specialists, web designers, creative designers, database marketing experts and PR specialists, all with experience on some of the leading small business marketing campaigns in the UK.

In addition to producing movie brochures, designs high-quality, web sites and improves traffic to your site by article marketing, online marketing and search engine optimization.

Business owners who would like to receive a free search engine ranking report tto tell you exactly where your site falls in current Google and Yahoo! search results, should visit the website.

** Remember: a picture is worth a 1000 words **

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Jacob Richman said...

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In a similar direction,
I uploaded my first Learn Hebrew video to YouTube.
The address is:

Feedback is welcome!

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