Friday, March 16, 2007

Disney Family is Latest Parenting Portal

Disney Family is the latest parenting portal. Emily Smith of Disney states the importance of user-generated content for parenting sites:
. . . because the community will ultimately decide whether content is relevant, we believe the site will remain on the leading edge in terms of helping parents with information and advice.
A Nickelodeon study released in January 2007 found that 98 percent of parents are online.

The kids are using the Internet, too:
71 percent of children under 8 years old; in the 8-9 age group, 58 percent go online; 70 percent of children age 10-11 are surfing; and, a whopping 82 percent kids between 12-14 are online.

Other top parenting portals are Kaboose, BabyZone, FamilyFun, BabyCenter, MyFamily and Parenting

Advertisers should remember that parenting sites are not the only way to reach mothers, since they are defined by much more than just motherhood. Moms go online to blog, to shop, to bank and pay bills, to socialize, to read reviews, to view the news. Moms today (ages 24-54) are much more sophisticated than their mothers were.

Read eMarketer's Moms Online: Parenting with Web 2.0 report.

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