Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Enforce Your Acceptable Internet Use Office Policy

Emergency Medical Service personnel in Austin were found to have been viewing porn on company time (3/12/07). Evidently, while waiting for 911 or other emergency calls, they were watching hardcore porn on the computers at their office. Some of the offenders have been EMS workers for 10+ years.
Some Austin EMS workers could lose their jobs for viewing internet porn on their computers at work.

EMS Director Richard Harrington says they first noticed the problem a few weeks ago. Harrington says they’ve been reviewing computer logs going back to September of last year. some employees could be demoted or suspended---and others could be fired for violating city policy.
If you have ever wondered what your employees, children or spouse might be viewing on the Internet, there is a software program that can track the online behaviors of any one. Using spy software is the only sure way to know exactly who is viewing what. If the Austin EMS had spy software, they would have caught these EMS employees six months ago.

In a world where there is porn on the Internet and people with no scruples about using work computers for viewing these sites, spy software may be the best solution.

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