Friday, March 9, 2007

Lead Management Tool from AIMpromote

How much of your advertising works? 50 percent? 25 percent? Could you segment what is working for you from what is not?

As lead management strategies, processes and technologies develop, they become more readily accessible to smaller businesses and to Internet marketers, enlarging if not leveling the playing field, legitimizing the efforts of marketers who use creative ways to generate leads and create brand awareness, and providing statistics for reliable ROI-based reporting and analysis.

Lead management is the process of capturing and analyzing leads. The ultimate goal of lead management is to convert that lead to an interested consumer and then to a new customer. With lead management technology, marketers are able to demonstrate the value of advertising campaigns with charts and statistics, providing hard math on which to base continuing marketing strategies.

AIMpromote is a leading international provider of marketing integration and automation tools. AIMpromote provides web-based on-demand lead management software, which is simply the most feature-rich lead management solution available. This is a single solution totally customized to meet your marketing needs.

Best known for lead management and website analytics software, AIMpromote is offering a free 14-day trail of their lead management software. You will need to register, but there is no software to download or install. The full functionality of web-based software is just one reason that is the fastest growing provider of lead management tools.

You should visit the website of AIMpromote, sponsor of this post and view the comparison chart of enterprise-level features available in the three leading lead management system providers. You may decide that AIMpromote is the clear winner in this comparison. They offer free setup, reasonable price and all the included features of lead management, website integration and Internet marketing, reporting, sales force and marketing automation, user management and authentication, support and consultation.

Visit the forum for users on the website. Try AIMpromotion for free and see if it will work for you.


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