Friday, March 9, 2007

Search Only Mommy Blogs

scribbit: A Custom Search Engine for Momblogs | A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska

Michele from scribbit has set up a custom search engine, powered by Google, that searches 1500 mommy blogs. You know you better listen to MOM.

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scribbit said...

Thanks so much for mentioning Scribbit and the new search engine. Just to prevent any confusion (and I can see how this would happen) Michele Lutz at Blogging Chicks is one person and I, Michelle Mitchell, at Scribbit am another. I'd hate to get credit for her good work at Blogging Chicks.

Angelika said...

I am a mommy, but I wouldn't classify my blog as a "Mommy Blog". But it's a useful tool! :-)


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