Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is There Such a Thing as a Car Fetish?

Lately, I find myself haunting eBay Motors and other places that have Used Car Search capability. I keep looking at trucks and vans to pull our trailer, Beauty. The Beast, the black van from hell, does not have air conditioning and I am not going through another Texas summer without a/c.

I love looking at all the types of trucks there are today. I grew up with Ford, Chevy, and International trucks. Now, at Lemon-Free, sponsor of this post, there is even a category for Used Cars Texas. You may have email alerts sent to you when the car of your dreams appears.

After reading this article in Popular Science about future cars, I find myself looking for hydrogen powered pods and expanding trucks. They say they will be out in 2025. I cannot wait that long, I want one now.


Deepak Jeswal said...

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Jess said...

My friends actually had a long chat about hydrogen powered cars. We were wondering when it was going to come out and whether or not we would buy it. It's definitely something to think about, but 2025? Crazy!

CyberCelt said...


@jess-the technology is here. You can buy hydrogen based fuel sells in Germany. I guess the oil companies have to get their last dollar before the technology will be "found" in the USA.


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