Monday, June 25, 2007

Data Make You Dizzy?

Sales forecasts are limited by the historical data available to the people who produce them and the techniques used. If you use forecasting software, such as PROPHIX offers, the reports may be produced quickly and be easily updated by changing market strategies. The forecasts may also be fully integrated with other planning activities, including marketing, manufacturing and services.

The beauty of forecasting software is the ease of integration within all levels of a business. The forecasting and planning process should be a multi-level, interactive process that is accessible and ongoing throughout the year. With PROPHIX, integration within your company does not require an IT specialist.

Participate in a live, interactive web demonstration of PROPHIX software or run through a seven-minute guided tour of the PROPHIX website and services. If your data is making you dizzy, you should visit, sponsor of this post.

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