Monday, June 25, 2007

Something Different for Click & Comment Monday!

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Today, do something different for Click & Comment Monday. Pick out your favorite blogroll and visit the blogs you read. Select one good post on each blog and save it to a social bookmarking site, like DIGG, Technorati,, Furl or any of your choice.

This post has been edited 2x. First because Socialize was acting up and another so that I could add these other engines.

Click & Comment Monday Participants
1. Drew
2. Vedis
3. corporate comedy magicians

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You may view the blogroll here. Please comment before you add your URL in Mr. Linky. Thanks! If you have more than one blog, place the name of your blog in the name slot on Mr. Linky.


Drew said...

That is a pretty cool idea. Cool stuff.

Elizabeth said...

I hadn't heard of Socializer, thanks for the tip!

Elizabeth said...

Okay, I put the Socialize this button on my toolbar, but I don't understand how to drag and drop a URL. When I put the mouse pointer over your URL, it doesn't drag. What am I doing wrong?

Vedis Teh said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by every Monday.

I was actually in a bad mood just now. I got a ban !Gosh...Don't worry ! I will overcome it...;D

CyberCelt said...

@drew-thanks for stopping by. Looking at your blogs, I can see you are plenty busy on Mondays!

@elizabeth-It is not working like I thought. Let me get better instructions and we will try again Next Monday or use that other site that Tricia knows.

@vedis teh-bans are just part of the get paid to blog scene. All you can do is your best. Do you know what happened? Give me the scoop... LOL


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