Monday, June 4, 2007

Discount Safety Gear : Products that Protect

This is a sponsored review of (DSG), an industrial safety equipment online store. DSG carries many products such as Safety Goggles and First Aid Kits. The store sells to small construction companies as well as individuals.

Please visit Discount Safety Gear for many useful products, like this cowboy hard hat.Vulcan cowboy hard hatTake a look at these Miracool products that will keep you cool, even in a Texas summer.

Miracool bandannaThere are no problems with the functionality of the website. Below are my observations and some suggestions for improving the website, as requested.

  • The template is well designed and fits the site.

  • The type on the website is too small, making the pages appear crowded.

  • The most important information on the home page should be above the fold (what you see without scrolling). The holiday shipping information takes up valuable real estate on the website and is outdated.

  • The use of images instead of words for headings is not search engine friendly as text headings. Add alt tags to all images and consider replacing header images with heading tags (h1, h2, h3).

  • Tables for layout of websites have been replaced by the use of cascading style sheets. This enables individuals with disabilities to easily use screen readers.
  • The metatag title of the home page is Industrial Safety Equipment, which does not match the name of the company I would change the title metatag to DiscountSafetyGear : Safety Equipment Store : Home or something similar.

  • DSG carries all types of safety equipment and the company wants to expand into consumer products, so I suggest dropping the word industrial.

  • The description metatag should be better utilized, as it carries the same words as the title metatag. The home page metatag description should be general, working in as many important keywords, brands, and products as possible.

  • Change the description and keywords metatags, optimizing for the content of each page on the site.
  • Shop Online could be changed to Navigation or Products. Or, the customer service information might be moved here.

  • Move Home and Hard Hats from top navigation bar to side navigation bar.

  • Change & to and.

  • Be consistent with capitalization on the navigation bar.

  • Page titles should match the navigation bar. For example, Safety Glasses and Goggles on navigation leads to a page called Eye Protection.
  • The shipping information on the bottom of the page is redundant. This space could be used for more featured products or to introduce new products.

  • Suggest the popular searches be moved up on the page, closer to the search engine.

  • The capitalization should be consistent. All CAPS should be changed to mixed case.

  • Change & to and.

  • Explain the connection between Online Stores, Inc. and DSG.

  • Detail the benefits of signing up for your email newsletter. You may want to incentivize subscribing with a coupon.

  • Provide details about customer service. Consider adding a customer service form to website so that customer may request information 24/7.

  • Add testimonials for products.
Product Suggestions:
  • Pet cooling products

  • Promotional items (branded mouse pads, clipboards, key chains)

  • Household detectors (fire, gas)

  • Emergency preparedness items (checklists, 3 days of food, weather radio)
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