Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How Google Can You Get?

In an effort to push Google Checkout on eBay, Google invited attendees of the eBayLive conference to a Let Freedom Ring party on their Google Checkout blog.

MediaPost Publications - Looking for Google's Future? You Can Find It On EBay - 06/18/2007
EBay was not amused. In retaliation, it pulled all of its monthly $26 million in spend out of Google advertising. Google hurriedly cancelled the party; but the damage was already done. As of this writing, the eBay ads have yet to return to the Google SERP.
There may be a new term coined for stupid blunders that can sink a business: Google


CyberSt0rm said...

EBay sticking it to google is seen as a major reason why AdSense PPC has gone down over the past two days!

CyberCelt said...

@cyberst0rm-Maybe eBay should start their own search engine?


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