Sunday, October 7, 2007

Deception is a sub-field of Computer Science

MediaPost Publications - Who Do You Trust? - 10/05/2007 - click to read the entire article

This article is an interview with Lina Zhou, associate professor, Department of Information Systems, University of Maryland Baltimore County,

From the article:
On some level, deception writ large and small is one of the chief behaviors that consumers exercise in cyberspace, whether it is in Second Life, on social networks, or even in massively-multiplayer online games . . . in some online games, it is acceptable for a player to win or to gain advantages by deception, which does not violate our moral standards.
We have found in our previous research that the patterns of behavioral cues to deception in online communication are different from those in offline communication. For example, deceivers tend to say more, rather than less, in online communication.

So, if the avatar looks a little too unreal, and the chat just keeps on coming, beware of deception. We will soon have all the problems of real life in virtual space. Isn't that SPECIAL?

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