Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Page Rank Blues and Webmaster Rules

Search Engine Marketing Blog by ineedhits: Google's Latest Update Sees Websites Lose PageRank Overnight - click here to read complete article

From article:
The enforcement of the webmaster guidelines is happening, without any distinction being made between a website that blatantly manipulates the search algorithms, and those that use some paid links and appropriate link building strategies to deliver traffic.

The search engine update that was to "level the playing field" for all players seems to have been implemented with a heavy hand. Instead of being used to shutdown SPLOGS and link factories, it has penalized some business and news sites, SEO firms, and hapless bloggers caught in between search engines and the social aspects of blogging.


Steve said...

Pretty disappointing for a little blogspot blogger like me.

Anon A. Mus said...

It is amazing how something that wasn't intending to be used for marketing purposes is deeply entrenched in the marketing of our blogs. Oh well, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right? A little more strength like this and I'll be throwing my computer out the window...

RickH said...

Has it really been a big deal for most of us? I don't know. I didn't really notice much change.

Sriram said...

I am always pissed off at the fact that Google's PR is being used as a yardstick.How can Google decide whether my site's worth?

sue said...

I agree with the yardstick comment, and don't truly understand why some people continue to stay #1 when some black tactics are used, and irrelevant linking is used.

CyberCelt said...

@steve-This was supposed to level the playing field, I do not see it that way at all.

@anon a. mus-You are right. I certainly learned from this. You play by their rules or you get out of the game.

@rickh-Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you were not affected.

@sriram-They cannot. That is what is so unfair. We will survive.

@sue-It reminds me of the "good old boys political scene." LOL


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