Monday, February 4, 2008

Another Look at Online Retail Sales

A recent report from Forrester Research, summarized by Internet Retailer, shows that online retail sales in 2007 reached $175 billion, a 21 percent increase over $144.6 billion in 2006.

Research Brief » Blog Archive » Online Retailing to Grow Slower, But At $30 Billion Annually

The firm forecasts:

  • $204 billion in online retail sales in 2008, 17% growth over the previous year
  • $235.4 billion in 2009, 15% growth
  • $267.8 billion in 2010, 14% growth
  • $301 billion in 2011, 12% growth
  • $334.7 billion in 2012, 11% growth
Yesterday, I brought you research about online retailing (virtual retailing wave of the future) in which 41 percent of survey respondents stated that they do not have a physical store. Today, the research says that online retail sales have peaked and that years of 25% growth are a thing of the past.

How can this be? Everyone and their mother has an online store or at least an affiliate website. Most hosting programs come with a shopping cart. If not, you can add a payment processor to your site in moments. I can have an idea tonight and be selling the digital or real world product tomorrow.

Survey says . . .
Research says . . .
Tarot says . . .
Psychic says . . .

Who Knows?

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