Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boomers : We are so misunderstood

A survey of 1,320 baby boomers by Edelman, found that only 71 percent of those surveyed defined themselves as boomers, which means 22 million Americans do not consider themselves as part of the demographic.

The study showed men to be more optimistic about the future ahead, while women are more concerned about the direction of their lives and finances. There were differences in use of media, with men being more cerebral, seeking information on sports, news and business from AM radio, online and print news sources. Women read practical, down-to-earth advice and inspirational tales rather than straight news.

The Misunderstood Generation - Advertising Age - News
They comprise nearly 24% of the population, have a buying power of $3 trillion, and include many of the country's current business and political leaders. But marketers misunderstand -- and inefficiently target -- this country's 78 million baby boomers.
The study concluded that marketers should target bull's-eye boomers, typically wealthy, educated boomers without children at home, who are engaged in social, political and community activities.

For more information on boomers, please see these related posts on CoolAdzine for Marketers. After reading these, you will see that classifying people by the year in which they were born is convenient for statistical purposes, but does not help with marketing to these segments of the population.


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