Monday, July 28, 2008

Future SEM : Open Development

This is a great article about the future of search engine marketing by Chris Copeland, CEO of GroupM Search. You may read it by simply registering with Search Insider if you are prompted to do so.

Search Insider » Blog Archive » Is The Search Industry Closed for Business? Or Just Opening?

From the blog post:
So, are search advertisers as we know them today preparing the fire sale? If they remain wedded to bid technologies and being paid as level pullers, absolutely. However, with a nod to the future and a continued focus on data, relevancy and the emergence of open development environments, these days may be the moments where the herd is thinned, but the strong of mind and vision survive.

So, guess who does not have all the answers to the new SEM? Start with G and end with an e.
If there are any other anti-G00glers out there, this post will make you smile. Even if you got page rank raped again this last go around.


Atniz said...

Is there any better solutions to search then google? In if they are, do you think it will outshine google? Personally, I don't think so. Google is still a preferred search engine in many minds.

CyberCelt said...

@atniz-I do not use G00gle for anything. I am tired of the page rank bingo.


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