Sunday, May 23, 2010

Addicted to . . . Twitter?

A recent study by Retrevo Gadgetology asks social media users when, where, and how much time they spend on social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter.

Click to read and view graphs--Is Social Media a New Addiction? | Retrevo
From this study, it also appears that social media may have begun to replace more conventional sources for news with many social media users saying tweets trump TVs for that morning cup of news.
Are You Addicted? Apparently, 56 percent of social media users NEED to check FaceBook at least once a day, 12 percent MUST check in every couple of hours. Almost 50 percent admitted checking in with social networks before bed, during the night or as soon as they wake up.


rob said...

i wouldant say that i was addicted to facebook or twitter but i do check it every day. mostly its to read about what everyone has been up to over the weekend.

Glenna said...

I can't say that I didn't see this coming. Social media in general has a kind of 'addictive' quality to it. Interestingly enough - it's my husband and not my kids who can't go a day without checking Facebook!

Jenny said...

I check Facebook everyday, but i don't think that i am addicted because if a don't check it is no problem. I don't lay in bed and think : Oh damn it i haven't checked Facebook!

sam said...


Have decided that both my teenagers are "facebook" addicts. I just don't understand though why they would want all there misdemeanors carried out on a Friday night all over everybodys page by 9.00 am on Saturday!!!

Bankkort said...

Addicted to Twitter? I have never used Twitter, I`m not even sure what exactly it is. :) I used to be somewhat addicted to Facebook, though. But I AM addicted to other things, for example training and my computer. Haha. :)

Carmela Lee said...

I don't think that these social media can be addictive, there are just something that social media have something that others don't. May be that is why users check on them once in a while compared into opening to other sites.

Carmela Lee from Comment booster un PC 


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