Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mobi Marketing Goes Mainstream

A partnership will explore new ways of reaching consumers through mobile social media. Mobile communications marketing is an area that the Chief Marketing Officer Council, a global network of marketers that releases several studies on best practices in marketing each year, will uncover insight along with Planet Oi’ – an innovator in mobile social media marketing. Below is an excerpt from the press release.



New Research and Mobile Marketing Pilot Programs Planned with Leading Consumer Brands and Loyalty & Rewards Program Operators

PALO ALTO, Calif.– The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council today announced a partnership with Planet Oi’, an innovator in mobile social media marketing, to explore where and how companies can embrace Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) platforms to improve customer insight, interaction, loyalty, repeat purchase and word-of-mouth advocacy.

The partnership is part of a wider CMO Council mobility initiative that will include new global thought leadership and dialogues with senior marketers seeking to better understand and exploit the mobile channel, which today reaches nearly 5 billion consumers worldwide. The CMO Council will run targeted MRM pilot programs using the Planet Oi’ platform in cooperation with leading consumer packaged goods brands, loyalty & rewards operators, and other consumer-facing organizations.

Marketers interested in participating in the MRM pilot program should contact Bryan DeRose at the CMO Council via phone (650.433.4144) or email (


You may read the entire Press Release here:


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It has taken just five months for mobile advertising to go from a trickle of coverage in the mainstream media to a feeding frenzy. Since Google announced its plan to buy mobile ad network AdMob for US$750 million AdMob for US$750 million in November, national papers and newswires (in the US particularly) have clambered over each other to report the latest rumor, speculation and hearsay, followed by innumerable me-too pieces in trade journals and blogs.

This is manna from heaven for the wider mobile business – mobile publishers, mobile agencies, as well as the mobile advertising networks, which have all been fighting for years to get a fairer share of marketing and advertising budgets. The more coverage mobile advertising gets in the business pages more recognition it deserves with the business press and, thus, brands and creative agencies. This is all thanks to Google, Apple, the FTC and a soap-opera-like story line that's got the media hooked.

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