Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free Webinar this Friday

How a Blog Delivers Customers:
A Real Business Case Study
Free Live Webinar on Friday February 26, 2010 at 12:00pm ET

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Blogging is the key to powering your inbound marketing engine, driving traffic and leads. Do you know how to move past the first few posts to create meaningful posts daily or weekly?
Join us for The Blog Content Factory, a 45 minute webinar that will teach you how to apply regular planning principles to the generation of great web content that can deliver leads and sales to your company.

Learn from Jeffrey Henning, VP Strategy & Founder of Vovici, and one of the most prolific market-research bloggers writing today. Vovici is the leading provider of Voice of the Customer and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) Solutions today. Jeffrey posts fresh content on Vovici's blog daily and has been blogging since 2000. He will share the techniques you can use to blog your way to marketing success.

This free webinar will explore Vovici's success and cover best practices to create your own 'blog factory':

* "The Lab" - Blog Idea Creation
* "The Warehouse" - Managing Ideas & Posts
* "The Team" - Cultivating a Team of Bloggers
* "QA" - Optimizing Blog Posts for SEO
* "Measurement" - Blogging Business Results

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Mariann Greatyl Silud said...

ghee thanks for this post. ill surely join this one.

Bertus said...

Blogging is the key, just as you said. In fact, a blog was the first website I ever had, and I am still making money from it, even though I am not generating website traffic for it.

rob, BtG said...

thanks for organizing and for your helpful tips, we'll spread the word!

Todd Skaggs said...

Thanks for this post and for your helpful tips. I will have this as my reference and tell my friends about your site.

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TK Machwan said...

Blogging is the best way to promote your business online. It targets the useful customers. You have well spread the word. Thanks for the information of webinars. I will take the useful tips from it.

Fish said...

Thank you, it was really intersting to read.


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