Friday, February 19, 2010

There were beads and glitter all over IH-10

Mardi GrasMardi Gras 2010

As we were traveling back from Florida this week, we must have seen at least 20 different parades and parties, complete with costumed characters, beads and good times. From Pennsacola through Mississippi, Alabama and finally, Louisiana, the party never ended.

Let the Good Times Roll
Like all such celebrations, Mardi Gras has a bit of history behind it. Along the course of its existence, quite a few interesting things have popped up in its story. Here are some of the more fascinating facts about Mardi Gras from Star Costumes:

12 Bizarre and Fascinating Facts about Mardi Gras


Bertus said...

Mardi Gras is always the best!

diamondback mountain bikes said...

Man I love Mardi Gras!

Tulle said...

Had the pleasure of experience Mardi Gras three years ago and it was one of my best experiences ever.

stan said...

Is Mardi Gras back to waht it was pre hurricane?

joseph said...

Mardi Gras is great


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